“You can plan a pretty picnic.. “

Yesterday, I heard from a friend there may be a tropical storm headed toward South Florida and since I have a trip to the Florida Keys planned this weekend,  I thought best to get informed.  I avoid television news as much as possible; mainly because it’s always so biased and rarely very informative. But I decided to pop on the TV and see what was up.  I picked up the clicker and tuned into The Weather Channel (local channels weren’t showing news at the time).

They had charts of the country blocked off in colors and diagrams with bold red letters. There was an image indicating the State of Florida was in a drought- in a moderate to SEVERE DROUGHT. My entire life of living in “The Sunshine State”, I can’t remember a time we were not in a drought.  We are always in a drought.  So it comes as no surprise that here we are all parched and dry.  And what alleviates drought? Whiskey.  Sorry, I mean rain. Ok, so we need rain and there is rain on the way.  Good times right?  Not so much.

Cut to a different chart showing the predicted massive volumes of rain we can expect over the next few days. And then the super glammed up weather woman (picture any Kardashian sister in a skirtsuit situation) points to an area in the Gulf of Mexico where there is currently NO STORM, but wants to stress that it’s possible something will develop.  She calls it an “area of concern”.  It is, of course, entirely possible nothing with develop and that there is no need for concern but she leaves that part out.  Then she cautions “storm or no storm, one thing is for sure, we will be getting a LOT of rain”.  And I believe it since we live in the tropics and generally get a lot of rain this time of year- which is called the “wet season” btw.  Within this fem-bot, color- coded, 10 minute broadcast, I have learned there is no storm (yay!) but the entire state in which I live is being threatened by both SEVERE DROUGHT and simultaneously by SEVERE RAIN.  Huh? I guess that’s one way to make sure you’re right either way.

This  rain, which we desperately need since we are in severe drought, should be great news right?  We need rain!  Nope.  WARNING- “HEAVY RAIN THREATENS FLORIDA”.  No wonder people lose their minds when they have to drive in the rain here.  Who can drive and be threatened at the same time?  It’s so overwhelming.  Heavy rain was threatening me yesterday when I arrived to grab a sandwich at Publix.  And I looked at that heavy, dark, raincloud (it was a severely threatening cloud) and I risked my dry clothes dodging huge raindrops to get my lunch.  Didn’t even use an umbrella.

There’s an OutKast Lyric that says “You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather”.  At some point in life, you plan the damn picnic anyway.  It might rain, it might not.  Buying into the fear of severe threats and impending doom is maddening.  The weather is a variable.  Much in life is a variable.  Even with all of the badass scientific gadgets, technology, lipgloss, charts and graphs, trying to predict the weather is an educated guess at best.  Anyone who’s been through Hurricane Season in South Florida will tell you that.

The question is simple: Do you plan the picnic or the trip even though things may not go as planned?  Even if things get totally diverted, isn’t it worth living your life looking the SEVERE THREATS in the eye and doing what you want anyway?  I’m not saying be a jackass and swim laps during a lightning storm (although survival of the fittest is real guys – to each their own).

Today’s dare: Risk living the life you want in spite of any fears or any SEVERE THREATS.  Trust your own judgement.