Sing your heart out

Music is and has always been a big part of my life.  I love how a great song can bring a memory back into focus so vividly.  Every time I hear Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, I can feel the carefree happiness I felt when my best friend and I would cruise around Miami in her mom’s old faded red BMW convertible screaming.. “find out what it means to me”.  I can feel the salty, heavy, summer air in my face and the car jerk forward as she switched gears. We sped across the bridges of Key Biscayne and sung as loud as we could.  No bills to pay, no job, no mortgage, just teenage freedom, and tests, and formals, and finals. Man, I do not miss finals. But I digress.. There’s a certain blissful joy that comes from singing your heart out.  No matter what you sound like, it’s just fun. Of course, most people are so afraid of being judged, they only allow themselves to do it when they’re alone, maybe in the shower, or maybe one random night at someone’s karaoke birthday thing.  Hey I get it.  I used to care too.  But not anymore.  You know why? Because singing is straight up fun.  The way I see it, having fun is like the main reason we are on this planet.  Plus, bad singing is like bad dancing.  It’s almost better when you have zero actual talent.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hearing talented people do their thing. But there is a certain power in saying “I don’t give a shit about what you think or what I think, I’m gonna get up and sing!” You have a voice for a reason.  Use it.  Whether you sound like some lunatic from the American Idol auditions ( or like Christina Aguilara’s grammy tribute to James Brown (, just do it. Because either way, you will have fun and make people smile at the same time.

The dare: This is really about getting out of your comfort zone.  Baby steps-If you sing in the car, roll down the windows.  Relax, it will be fun.  People are going to be amazed by your awesome daringness!!  At the very least they will be amused.  You can tell what my commutes are like. Haha! If you really want to go for a gold star, sing right out loud without your metal car armor. Dare to sing in public.


3 thoughts on “Sing your heart out

  1. V

    👏 This is great Case! Singing is liberating and fun as hell. Some of us forget we have a voice, some of us need to find our voice, and some of us are vocal but need to better articulate how we use it. I know that’s not exactly what your talking about here but it kinda is. Love you! So proud of you.

  2. Omar Gonzalez

    Haha, you got that right, singing is quite liberating.. Keeps me at ease and makes people smile or laugh. Hopefully more people take your dare and break out in song spiratically lol that’s a world worth living in ;-]

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